I’m psyched to say that The Vineyard Arts Project has offered me a residency in June / July 2013 to work on my new play, The Bet. Claudia Weill will direct 2 readings at the end of my time there. Bonus: I’ve never been to Martha’s Vineyard before!

This exciting weekend filled with art and artists begins on May 4th. Don’t miss it!

Exile will receive a reading in Playwrights Realm’s INK’D Writing Fellows Presentations on May 18th. The wonderful cast includes: Erin Buckley, Aysan Celik, Nick Choksi and Robin Weigert. Reserve your seats now!

I will read a 15 minute excerpt of Doctoring in the BEginnings Series produced by The BE Company at Happy Ending Lounge in Downtown Manhattan on January 27th. Other writers featured in the series include playwrights Sam Byron, Lauren Feldman and Dean Poynor.

I will travel to Storrs, CT in November to continue developing Doctoring during a ten-day residency, culminating in a workshop directed by Jessi D. Hill.

Doctoring will receive a public reading at Astoria Performing Arts Center on September 16th at 7:00pm!

Cafe de la Tristesse will be presented in Piper Theatre Productions’ one-act festival, “The Living Series” at The Brooklyn Arts Collective in June 2010.

Cafe de la Tristesse is inspired by Magritte’s “The Portrait.”